Legends Trivia specialises in hosting Quiz Nights, whether a corporate function, a birthday party or a 500-person fundraiser. With over 20 years experience, we know all the tricks to run a professional and entertaining quiz including great questions and a simple format. Click here for more information about our hosted quiz nights.

"Our Trivia Night turned into a Disco"

“The best quiz night they had EVER been to!!”

Legends Trivia operates a network of hosts all over Australia including the hosts shown below. Click here to read some more testimonials about why you should choose a Legends Trivia host.

Melbourne - Kevin

Sydney - Kelii

Perth - Tom

Brisbane - Shaun

Sydney - Vanessa

Adelaide - Katrina

Some Recent Testimonials :

"Just wanted to let you know we were delighted with Kelii – she was brilliant and a couple of people came up to me after the event and said she was the best trivia host they had ever had.  The night went really well and she handled all the different age groups fantastically."
-GNS Hockey

'This is just great, I love the questions and really did not expect service this quick. Looks like we will have alot of fun during the night because of your help. Thank you so much.' -Healthcote HPV

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