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A quiz night is one of the most successful functions a pub, bar or club can run. It’s designed especially to attract customers midweek.

What is a Quiz Night?

A quiz night goes for about two hours and is typically run every week at the same time so patrons know when it's on. The host asks questions, marks the answers and tallys the scores. The team with the highest score wins.

Why does it work?

A trivia night is a perfect function to fill an empty room on a midweek night. Not only will it attract a loyal and profitable crowd, a trivia function is very simple to run. It's a simple function but there are many tricks and techniques to running a successful trivia night. These include the host, venue, prizes, questions and format. With our trivia package or host option, we provide help on how to structure the trivia night to ensure its success. This includes our five page Bar Trivia Guidelines. Of course, our questions and format has been tried and tested - click here for more information.

Bar Trivia also provides promotional support such as posters to promote the night.

How does it work?

        - Choose a quiet night on which you wish to run the trivia night

        - Find a confident and entertaining host

        - Setup the room with a microphone, tables and chairs

        - Arrange prizes

        - Promote the night to players

        We have many venues that regularly attract over 100 people to their quiz night, making it one of their most profitable nights. Below are two of our longest running trivia nights:

    Case Study 1

    Adrenalin Sports Bar
    Duration: 7 years
    Night: Tuesday 6pm
    Average crowd: 40 people

    Adrenalin is an inner city bar that starts its trivia at 6pm so that people can go after work. Not only does it attract people to the venue, it also keeps people who are already there longer. The quiz night has been getting a regular crowd of about 40 people for over 7 years.

    Bar Manager, Gary Hogan:
    "Our Tuesday Trivia is by far the most successful and consistent promotion we have ever run".


    Case Study 2

    Redcliffe Leagues Club
    Duration: 10 years
    Night: Monday 7pm
    Average Crowd: 130 people

    This club runs a trivia night every Monday to complement a members draw during the night. The purpose of the promotion is to get people to come early and stay after the members draw has finished. So, instead of everyone leaving straight away, the trivia keeps them there for about two hours, plenty of time to eat and drink.

    Bar Manager, Brett Stager:
    "Our members look forward to trivia every week. It's been very effective for us as it gives people coming along anyway something fun to do."



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